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Tampa, FL - Tooling Supervisor

Summary Description Of Position

This position is responsible for supervising the activities of the Tool Room to properly insure the operation, calibration, and maintenance of all tools and equipment.

Minimum Requirements And Qualification

  1. Must be over the age of 18 to operate equipment
  2. Valid driver’s license
    1. Driver’s License is required at all times.
  3. Self-motivating much of the work will be performed unsupervised and self-motivation will be required in order to complete the work on schedule.
  4. Must be able to obtain and maintain SIDA badge.
    1. SIDA is required at all times.
  5. 3 – 5 years of Aircraft Tooling experience, preferred.

Major Responsibility Areas And Duties

  • Trust Worthy
  • Safety Requirements
    • Work safely and follow all client and OSHA safety requirements
    • Must learn and follow client and OSHA Safety Program and other company Procedures
  • Driving Requirement
    • Truck deliveries - Must have valid driver’s license and be able to make deliveries to customers locations
    • Fork truck - Must pass fork truck operation test and use company fork trucks to move materials
  • Daily Tasks could include but are not limited to:
    • Oversees the Tooling Department in its performance of issuing, maintaining and repairing tooling required by the repair station and the facility. Responsible for ensuring that all calibrated tools are collected, inspected, repaired and or calibrated prior to the expiration dates as well as the proper recording of the calibration dates and cycles of all calibrated tools.
    • Responsible for ensuring that no expired calibrated tools are issued for use.
    • Assign daily activities to tooling personnel and prioritize incoming work.
    • Provide and maintain equipment, tools (including calibrated tools), necessary to perform the maintenance, preventive maintenance, or alterations under this repair stations certification and operations specifications in accordance with part 43. Ensuring equipment, tools, and material are located on the premises when work is being done.
    • Maintain an accurate inventory of on-hand tools
    • Provide and maintain equipment, tools, and material recommended by the manufacturer of the article or at least equivalent to those recommended by the manufacturer and acceptable to the FAA.
    • Retain records of tooling and equipment equivalent to those recommended by the manufacturer and acceptable to the FAA.
    • Ensures that calibrated tooling inspection records are entered and maintained properly
    • Generates and distributes calibration re-call list for tooling due calibration
    • Maintain records of tools and equipment and provide weekly report of new tools --- if full time, all shop personnel will request tools through you
    • Continually organize tool crib storage area s for better tool management and organization --- applying labels and systems to allow better viewing and organization of the rooms
    • Inspect tools and equipment for defects and wear, visually, and gets maintenance or appropriate person to fix
    • Mark all tooling for identification and tracking

Additional Duties

  • Helping with receiving by --- receiving in new tools and materials and distributing to appropriate departments
  • Help with basic maintenance of tools or machine equipment --- lubricating, cleaning, basic maintenance, etc.
  • Use computer system to manage inventory and storage locations
  • Performs regular duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements And Environmental Conditions

  1. This position requires continual use of your hands, considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, squatting, bending, handling materials, and standing for at least 8 hours consecutively (other than breaks and lunch)
  2. The use of safety equipment all day such as safety glasses, steel toed shoes, gloves, helmets and hearing protection is utilized daily
  3. Must be able to lift and maneuver 50 without physical restrictions
  4. Exposure to heat and cold depending on weather conditions and whether you need to be outside or inside for items.
  5. Knowledge of use of protective equipment and safety protocol related to the possible exposure to dust, body fluids, radiation, chemicals, fumes, vapors, or mists that could potentially affect the health of the employee.
  6. Ability to withstand exposure to constant or intermittent loud noise levels.
  7. Ability to have close vision or clear vision at 20 inches or less.
  8. Ability to have distance vision or clear vision at 20 feet or more.
  9. Ability to determine colors – to identify and distinguish colors and shade.
  10. Must be able to handle and maintain control of small parts and to properly operate hand tools.


AIRBORNE Tampa is an equal opportunity employer and that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran or disability status.

Attention Existing AMES Employees

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