Airborne Maintenance & Engineering Services

Attention Existing AMES Employees

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Summary Description Of Position

This position is responsible for fabricating aircraft repair parts and tools. Sets up and operates all machine shop and tool room machines in accordance with policies, procedures, requirements, specifications established by  the Company, applicable government agencies, and aircraft manufactures as contained in approved Maintenance Manuals.

Minimum Requirements And Qualification

  1. Must have thorough knowledge of shop practice, standard charts and tables, blueprints and mathematics.
  2. Must have minimum 30 months experience formal machinist training or machine shop experience.
  3. Must identify and work with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, alloys and other materials common to aircraft repair.
  4. Requires the ability to solve gear cutting problems.
  5. Requires the ability to use all required hand tools and precision measuring instruments.
  6. Must have thorough working knowledge of use, maintenance and repair of tools, dies, jigs, fixtures, gauges and other job related instruments and equipment as required.

Major Responsibility Areas And Duties

  1. Works to written or verbal instructions.
  2. Uses all tools, programs, and machine shop equipment.
  3. Removes or fabricates aircraft parts and tools.
  4. Performs rework, repair, and maintenance of tools and related items.
  5. Performs user maintenance and repair of shop equipment.
  6. Reads and interprets Technical Manuals, technical drawings, blueprints, sketches and other written or oral instruction used to repair, fabricate and manufacture aircraft repair parts and special tools.

Additional Duties

  • Performs regular duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements And Environmental Conditions

  1. Ability to sit, stands, bends, crouch, kneel, and walk for extended periods of time.
  2. Ability to work with one or both hands extended overhead.
  3. Ability to climb and work from ladders, work stands, and other heights.
  4. Must have correctable near and far vision.
  5. Must be able to hear at conversational level with a hearing aid.
  6. Must be able to lift 25 pounds.
  7. Must be able to handle and maintain control of small parts and to properly operate hand tools.



Attention Existing AMES Employees

Click the Employees button or here to apply