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Tampa, FL - Material Exchange Coordinator

Summary Description Of Position

This position is responsible for supporting installation, removal,  and repair of aircraft parts.

Minimum Requirements And Qualification

  1. High School education or equivalent.
  2. Three (3) years of experience in related function assignments, or the demonstrated ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.
  3. Basic understanding of aircraft parts and aircraft systems.
  4. Thorough working knowledge of government stock catalogs and related publications as they apply to the functions described below.
  5. Computer proficiency required.
  6. Microsoft Excel required.

Major Responsibility Areas And Duties

  1. Serviceable and unserviceable TRAX transaction 
    1. Verification of part and serial numbers on the unit and corresponding paperwork for each part transaction 
    2. Completion of Rotable/repairable items transactions for Repair orders or exchange orders in the TRAX system 
  2. Daily disposition of all Frontier red rack unserviceable materials for scrap or shipping  
  3. Communication with the Frontier Airlines records and repairs groups 
  4. Parts staging for items ready to ship 
  5. Manage the LHT exchange program overdue parts both serviceable and unserviceable 
  6. Assist with loading and offloading of inbound/outbound Frontier products such as engines and shipping crates 
  7. Maintain informative, well-organized records of transactions completed 
  8. Must be able to navigate larger items through the hanger with the use of a pallet jack when needed 
  9. Communicate any paperwork or parts issues with the Airborne production supervision team 
  10. Must be able to walk/stand for long periods
  11. Must be able to lift 20 pounds
  12. Knowledge/use of Flydocs for materials transaction verifications
  13. Navigate Airbus world and specifically the Aircraft Inspection Report for born on rotable parts
  14. Initial load of parts into TRAX for materials original to the aircraft
  15. Ability to read and understand log book page entries for off-site / line entries for missed transactions
  16. Read and understand Routine and Non-Routine maintenance cards
  17. Haz-mat qualified
  18. Knowledge of shipping, specifically how to use freight couriers, FEDEX online, UPS online, and DHL

Addition Duties

  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Physical Requirements And Environmental Conditions

  1. Ability to perform work utilizing a computer for extended periods of time.
  2. Ability to sit for extended periods of time in a normal office environment.
  3. Ability to withstand constant to intermittent loud noise levels.
  4. Ability to have close vision.
  5. Ability to have distance vision.

Attention Existing AMES Employees

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