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Tampa, FL - Conversion Control Coordinator


Conversion Planning Coordinator reports directly to the Manager of Planning on all matters concerning the operation of the Conversion Program.

 Minimum Requirements and Qualification

1. High School Diploma

2. Six years’ experience (documented) in aircraft maintenance operations and/or operation support in an FAA Repair Station (MRO) environment or Military equivalent (GSAB, CAMF, Depot) with a thorough understanding of FAR parts 145, 121, and 91

3. Must be able to pass any Government/Company licensing/qualification requirements for the position

4. Must have an in-depth knowledge of applicable technical manuals, service bulletins, maintenance manuals, maintenance forms, and work progress sheets

5. Excellent written and communication skills / read, speak, write and understand English

6. Excellent Computer skills, MS Word, MS Project, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Outlook, Adobe


 Preferred Requirements and Qualification

1. Associates Degree or Certification in Aviation Maintenance Technology

2. Valid and Current FAA Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) License


 Major Responsibility Areas and Duties

  1. Adheres to and promotes the company’s Safety and Continuous Improvement programs.
  2. Coordinate with Maintenance, Planning, Production, Backshop and Material Control for parts, supplies, and produce a repair plan for all assigned aircraft in Maintenance or for Conversions.
  3. Recognize and resolve maintenance challenges, adjusting resources as needed for optimization of maintenance operations, and providing customers with timely, accurate, and appropriate information at all times.
  4. Ensure maintenance requirements are continually monitored and evaluated for progress and/or problems and adjust workload priority accordingly for effective schedule and individual task accomplishment.
  5. Research aircraft manufacturers service bulletins (SB) and FAA Airworthiness Directives (AD), Interprets drawings and illustrations as required.
  6. Works with Production Managers to plan and coordinate maintenance activities in the Repair Station, reports any discrepancies in work assignments or any other factors that may impact the estimated time of return (ETR) of the aircraft to the customer.
  7. Analyze maintenance data for production statistics such as man-hours needed, man-hours available, man-hours used, man-hours per specific task, on time delivery.
  8. Create, maintain and update milestone flow charts, adjusting flow as required, offering obstacle resolution to appropriate internal and external customers.
  9. Set up and lead internal and attend external Pre-Dock and Post-Dock meetings.
  10. Systematically and continuously establish and maintain a database of aircraft check types, aircraft models and span types; along with the associated tooling and materials requirements.
  11. Maintain, update and enhance existing company databases containing labor hours and historical actual man-hours.
  12. Perform a technical evaluation of the customer’s work package.
  13. Partner with Estimator to develop man-hours estimates (as necessary)
  14. Evaluate modifications and related engineering drawings
  15. Evaluate tasks for billing rules
  16. Evaluate subcontract work
  17. Coordinate with various departments on work package requirements. (Special Tools, GSE).
  18. Identify and communicate resource shortages and capability constraints to management.
  19. Communicate work package alterations and price changes and submit change recommendations.
  20. Generate necessary periodic or special reports as directed.
  21. Coordinate with the engineering department regarding drawing changes that may affect past, present and future conversions.
  22. Create new and update current PEMCO work cards as required per engineering documents.
  23. Build and create backshop documents for the fabrication of conversion specific parts.
  24. Maintain WINGS database for tooling work cards and conversion work cards and update them according to engineering DCNs, EA’s and engineering drawing changes.
  25. Prepare, review, revise, and maintain technical documents regarding aircraft conversions.
  26. Create and assemble work packages to be worked by production.
  27. Plan and build scheduled maintenance work packages and conversion packages for aircraft to be converted, including identifying parts, materials and equipment required.
  28. Work with production managers, supervisors, leads and engineers to produce and maintain documentation.


 Perform other duties as assigned by the Supervisor of Production Control as necessary for the normal day to day operation, not determined at time of hire.


1. Must be able to sit, stand, bend, crouch, kneel, and walk for extended periods.

2. Must be able to climb and work from ladders, work stands, and other heights.

3. Must have correctable near and far vision.

4. Must be able to hear at conversational level with hearing aid.

5. Ability to withstand intermittent moderate noise levels.

6. Ability to see close (clear vision at 20 feet or more).

7. Ability to see distances (clear vision at 20 feet or more).



AIRBORNE Tampa is an equal opportunity employer and that all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran or disability status.

Attention Existing AMES Employees

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