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Summary Description Of Position

This position is responsible for performing a variety of analytical, clerical, and decision-making functions that necessary to assure the proper day-to-day operations of the Planning Department package preparations.

Minimum Requirements And Qualification

  1. High School diploma or equivalent.
  2. Three (3) to five (5) years experience in a related field and/or work, or the demonstrated ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.

Major Responsibility Areas And Duties

  1. Controls and coordinates job cards. Uses work packages, specifications, technical data, job control cards, labor-hour estimates, job descriptions, project categories, charge numbers, and material requirements needed to meet established schedules.
  2. Identifies problem areas. Informs supervisory personnel.
  3. Performs general clerical duties, to include setting up files, reproducing paperwork, and entering and collecting computerized data.
  4. Audits completed work cards. Projects data to show effects of complete and/or incomplete work.
  5. Gather blueprints, maintenance manual references, and technical data to accompany job cards.
  6. Loads customers work scope into the company’s computer systems.
  7. Creates barcodes to allow for labor and materials to be assigned to the individual task.
  8. Ability to cover the Monitor position as needed.


  1. Printing actual customer package.
  2. Creating and applying PEMCO barcodes to task cards.
  3. Creating PEMCO cover pages.
  4. Auditing packages and monitoring customer’s additions / deletions.
  5. Maintaining package register spreadsheet to encompass all adds and deletes.
  6. Gather customers task card reference documents.

Additional Duties

  • Perform other duties as assigned by supervisors necessary for the normal day to day operation, not determined at time of hire.

Physical Requirements And Environmental Conditions

  1. Ability to perform work utilizing a computer for extended periods of time.
  2. Ability to withstand intermittent moderate noise levels.
  3. Ability to see close (clear vision at 20 feet or more)

Attention Existing AMES Employees

Click the Employees button or here to apply