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Tampa Fl - Quality Assurance Specialist

Summary Description Of Position

The Quality Assurance Specialist provides administrative support to Quality Assurance by performing tasks in PEMCO software programs, customer programs, and Microsoft Office programs ensuring timely completion of assigned duties. The administrator will work with internal and external customers to ensure compliance to regulatory, customer, and company policy and procedure requirements. Other duties may be assigned by the Director of Quality or Manager of Quality Assurance.

Minimum Requirements And Qualification

  • Aviation experience preferred
  1. Proficient computer skills
  2. This role requires a high level of detail to ensure correct recordkeeping
  3. MS Office
    1. Strong ability to create graphs and charts in MS Excel
    2. Creation of Power Point Presentations
    3. Ability to create flow charts in Visio


Major Responsibility Areas and Duties

  • Provide administrative support to the Director of Quality or Manager of Quality Assurance.
  •  Primary duties as follows:
    • Provide documentation to customers, 3rd party bodies, and government representatives to support audits by customers and regulators.
    • Edit documents as directed by your director or manager using various software programs.
    • Perform the following daily tasks to ensure timely compliance:
    • Maintain Approved Vendor List
    • Maintain PEMCO, customer and Standards publications
    • Perform Data entry for quality monitoring
    • Create presentations using quality assurance and operations data for scheduled management review meetings.
  • Provide administrative support as needed to the Training Department, as directed by your manager.
  • Duties may include:
    • Catalog and maintain the training department inventory and materials, including the training examples, aids, and leadership library.
    • Create training events in the PEMCO Training Database and provide notifications and class rosters to the trainers.
    • Add items and edit the PEMCO Training Database to accommodate new capabilities, offerings, events, and role changes.
    • Add new employees and needs into the PEMCO Training Database, or update for employee internal transfers.
    • Enter records of completed training in the PEMCO Training Database.
  • Duties may include tasks in the Quality and Training Databases
    • Assemble reports on quality and training metrics and post in designated areas of the facility.
    • Generate reports on all open and delinquent action items for corrective actions, non-conformances, continual improvement projects, and management review actions, and distribute them to the accountable managers.
    • Generate reports on delinquent and near due training and provide to Managers and Leads.
  • Generate HR reports in the PEMCO Training Database and provide to your manager and the    HR Manager as requested.
  • Create slides in MS PowerPoint for PEMCO TV to inform employees about Training and Quality Assurance news.
  • Perform scanning of records into the PEMCO Training Database when directed by your manager.

Physical Requirements




Attention Existing AMES Employees

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