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Tampa Fl - Training Instructor




Summary Description Of Position


  • This position is responsible for serving as the liaison between the Training Manager and TPA Production in matters relating to training.
  • Serves as a subject matter expert for specific training topics, and is responsible for developing and presenting the required training programs to selected personnel.
  • Supervises the Technical Training Admin to ensure all records and documents are captured in the proper database.
  • Assemble and administer all Training and Qualifications as directed by each customer.
  • Coordinate with Customer’s training departments to ensure our staff is current with all required training.
  • Ensure compliance with all Customer, FAA, Federal, and State training requirements.


Minimum Requirements And Qualifications


  1. A&P Required
  2. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  3. Four (4) years of experience with training programs or a minimum of 5 (Five) years of experience in aircraft systems, A320, or B737 preferred.
  4. Must have completed General Familiarization courses on at least the A320 family of aircraft.
  5. Strong background in formal and performance training.
  6. MS Office
    1. Ability to create graphs and charts in MS Excel.
    2. Proficient in the creation of Power Point Presentations.


Preferred Skills and Qualifications


  1. Five (5) years of aircraft systems experience
  2. College degree
  3. Previous Aircraft Maintenance training experience
  4. Completed Gen Fams for other Boeing, Airbus, and other aircraft makes and models.
  5. Engine Run Experience is a plus but not a must.
  6. Experience in CI and Lean is a plus.


Major Responsibility Areas And Duties


  1. Develop training plans and curriculum to achieve targeted objectives.
  2. Revising the Training Manual/Program and submittal to CHDO for approval.
  3. Learn and teach Customer’s required training and become a Designated Intstructor (DI) for various Customers as directed.
  4. Conducting ongoing needs assessments to identify/determine training requirements.
  5. Using internal and external resources (Airborne Trainers and/or outside vendors) to meet training needs.
  6. Planning and implementing technical training programs, such as Gen Fams, Rigging, and other technical courses to improve the knowledge base of our team.
  7. Scheduling all company training such as new hire indoc, recurrent, and Customer required training
  8. Ensuring the appropriate entries is made into the electronic database and document all training and certifications of Airborne employees.
  9. Remain current on new training approaches, techniques, trends and professional training associations.
  10. Assist and advise departmental managers in training program administration.
  11. Assess training needs and make recommendations for training
  12. Assist in CI and Lean training as directed.


Additional Duties


·         Perform other duties as assigned by Director.


Physical Requirements And Environmental Conditions


  1. Ability to perform work utilizing a computer for extended periods of time.
  2. Ability to sit for extended periods of time in a normal office environment.
  3. Ability to stand and speak to large groups of personnel for an extended amount of time.











Attention Existing AMES Employees

Click the Employees button or here to apply